Analyzing Rust dumps

Rust servers tend to crash on both Windows and Linux frequently, and sometimes they might leave their dump files which can contain useful information about the reasons behind it.

Finding the file

First of all, we would have to find the file - it may be placed in different locations on each setup and system.

  • Linux: in ~/.config/ or the ./core-like file
  • Windows: in C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\ or C:\Windows\Temp\

In these folders, you should look for a Facepunch Studios LTD folder which would contain the crashes, logs and .dmp files.

Analyzing the dump

After downloading the .dmp file, you can analyze it on your machine following these steps:

  1. Download WinDbg either from Microsoft Store or here: Windows SDK - Windows app development | Microsoft Developer (During installation, select Debugging Tools for Windows - you do not need the rest)
  2. Open WinDbg (x64)
  3. Drag-n-drop your dump file, or open it with the context menus available
  4. Run .sympath+ SRV*c:\symbols-cache* (You may specify a custom cache path, but it does not take much space)
  5. Run !analyze -v

After it finishes analyzing, you may see a stacktrace in the end of the text. Most common ones include PxsNphaseImplementationContext::unregisterContactManager - the well-known PhysX crash, and some further AI crashes and/or stalls.