Common Linux issues

Linux is much different from Windows and there are quite some issues which appear due to Oxide itself or system misconfigurations. Therefore there are certain recommendations when using this system.

sysctl configuration

There are some common Linux kernel configurations that most should apply. To do this, you should start editing /etc/sysctl.conf with nano /etc/sysctl.conf or any other editor you might prefer. Afterwards you should append the following contents to its end:

vm.max_map_count = 262144
# You may use higher values though, the negative effects are negligible - see

Save the file with Ctrl+O in nano or the appropriate method in your editor, and run sysctl -p to apply it.

Plugin watchers

You might have noticed some of the settings in /oxide/config/oxide.config.json before, and Plugin Watchers is one of them. It enables automatic loading/… of plugins when adding files to the /oxide/plugins/ folder. However it may cause stalls on your Linux game servers and therefore it is recommended to disable Plugin Watchers by setting the value to false.