Hetzner Hosting

Welcome to the discussion topic for hosting provider Hetzner. This thread is intended for users to share their experiences and feedback on the services provided by Hetzner. We encourage users to share their thoughts and opinions, whether they have had positive or negative experiences with the hosting provider. Sharing feedback in this thread will not only aid other users in making informed decisions about their hosting provider, but it will also provide valuable insights to the Hetzner staff on how they can continue to improve their services.

Hetzner is a great and cheap choice. It may not be great for your game servers as it provides close to no protection, but it can be still good for testing servers for your developers and such. Also, you can easily host and scale your internal infrastructure and websites with it, as long as nothing is exposed to the internet, or limited to Cloudflare ranges if you use it and such.

They offer a variety of services, including dedicated servers and cloud services. To be honest, it is bit challenging to manage the hardware from their Robot console, but the cloud one is actually great and quite intuitive. They offer plenty of features there, so Hetzner is the #1 cloud service provider for me.